stretch-to-win.jpg Though stretching is a common form of fitness training, it is also the most misunderstood. Most stretching methods do not give optimum benefits. Most times, it is painful and can also lead to injuries. Ann and Chris Frederick have developed a stretching technique designed to help people maintain elasticity and flexibility and increase longevity. Their Stretch to Win system has been proved to be superior to other forms of stretching.

Book Review
a. These stretches are absolutely pain-free and without any side effects.
b. It reorganizes the connective tissue, fascia, thereby helping in flexibility.
c. It reduces age related joint problems, discomforts and aches.
d. It improves circulation and helps a person increase longevity.
e. It restores aging muscles to its original length and space in the joints.
f. It aids in fight weight problems.
g. It improves posture, decreases stress and increases fitness levels.
h. The results are long lasting.
i. It is ideal for professional and amateur athletes, professionals, elderly people, teenagers and children.
j. Ann Frederick and Chris Frederick have authored Stretch to Win to help people with their stretching routine.
k. This book is priced at $19.95 but can be bought online from