New mothers have to make a lot of adjustments and also deal with postpartum blues. Plus they have to deal with lack of time and constant fatigue. Now, thanks to StrollerFit, new mothers can have their own fitness program without being away from their baby. The strollers are turned into effective exercise machines and the sessions are filled with fun and laughter. No wonder, more and more participants are now joining up for these interactive exercise sessions.

Program Benefits
a. This is an exercise program for new mothers and babies.
b. It costs $55 a month.
c. The strollers that a mother uses for her baby is turned into a potable exercise machine.
d. Certified instructors guide the workouts.
e. This workout takes about 50 minutes.
f. It consists of warm-up, strengthening, cardio, stretching and cool-down.
g. It is safe and strengthens and tone muscles, build cardiovascular endurance, burn fat and improve flexibility
h. It focuses on the core muscles that are used most during pregnancy.
i. It is a combination of strength training, body sculpting, aerobic endurance and flexibility.
j. This is a fun filled interactive program that does not require the mother to be away from the baby.
k. It gives a total body workout.
l. It can be done by mothers of all fitness levels.