the-nip-tuck-workout.jpg People are always eager to lose weight, build muscle and tone the abs. But this is easier said than done. Its no wonder that the quest to have a fabulous body takes many to go in for cosmetic surgery as an easy way out. But this need not always be the case. Former plastic surgeon from New York City, Dr. Bruce Nadler, has come out with a book titled Nip Tuck Workout . He applies his formidable experience in cosmetic surgery to his present role as a personal fitness trainer.

Book Review
a. In this book, the author incorporates his experience as a plastic surgeon to develop the perfect personal fitness training method.
b. This book contains invaluable guidance about fitness training.
c. This workout is all about achieving beauty by creating symmetry and proportion in the body.
d. It is a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery.
e. Nadler says that to achieve and maintain a target a person needs to work out at least three to five days in a week.
f. He reveals that it is best if strength training is combined alternately with cardiovascular training.
g. His advices a reduction in calorie intake by 500.
h. He says the body's core temperature should be increased slightly to burn fat.
i. He advocates the breaking down of muscle tissue through exercise so that it can rebuild itself.
j. He opines that it is best to change the exercise once the body grows accustomed to it.
k. This book costs $15.99.