Vibration training now takes on a whole new meaning with the advent of the TurboSonic Vibration Therapy. Though there are numerous vibration training equipment in the market, this is by far a better product and more effective. It exercises and vibrates the whole body. Celebrities who rave about the Turbosonic Whole body Vibration therapy are Jessica Alba, CSI Miami's Adam Rodriguez, Latin pop star Gloria Estefan, Columbian actress Sofia Vergara, Q'Orianka Kilcher, Poppy Montgomery and "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson.

Therapy Highlights
a. This therapy excites the cells in the human body.
b. It accelerates the natural healing process of the body and oxygenates the cells.
c. It enhances cellular nutrient uptake, stimulates cellular fluid movement and cellular waste removal.
d. It makes the cells strong, vibrant and healthy. It involves the use of a sonic vibrating platform.
e. The user stands on this platform while performing exercises to stimulate bones, muscles, blood vessels and cells.
f. The movement of the plate causes a "stretch reflex" that leads to muscle contraction.
g. Just 10 minutes a day on this platform is recommended.

Major Benefits
a. The benefits of this therapy is similar to the benefits of anaerobic and aerobic exercises.
b. It leads to an increase in physical strength, dexterity and endurance.
c. It improves balance, coordination and flexibility.
d. It helps in reducing arthritic pain, joint pain and ligament stress.
e. It burns away extra body fat and reduces cellulite.
f. It is safe and effective.

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a. Pregnant women are advised not to go in for this therapy.
b. People with heart valve disorders and those with hip or knee implants should avoid it.