Obesity is a real problem of the modern world. It is a fallout of sedentary lifestyle and long hours at the desk in offices. Often, people do not have enough time to workout due to a hectic lifestyle. Now, a vertical workstation has been designed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to help such people lose weight. Studies have shown that this is very effective in helping employees lose weight.

Highlights of the vertical workstation
a. It can help a person lose as much as 30 kg in a year.
b. It was tested on 15 volunteers who lost 72 calories in an hour.
c. It is to be used two to three hours a day.
d. It comes with a computer, keyboard and treadmill.
e. Its steel frame is 'H' shaped.
f. It is supported by four locking rubber wheels so that it is easy to move the device from place to place.
g. The frame has a Plexiglass panel with two adjustable arms to hold the computer screen and for the keyboard and mouse.
h. It also has slats where one can keep personal items like pen holders or trays.
i. Users can walk, sit or stand while working.
j. The speed of the treadmill is adjustable.

$1,000 each.