vacunaut.jpg Sweaty workouts and painful surgery might soon be the last choice for people seeking a slim waist. Now all one needs to do is get into a special vacuum suit to lose inches. Developed in 2002 after 20 years of extensive research by Austrian sports scientist, Dr Norbert Egger, the Vacunaut is a fast way to rapid inch loss. Despite critics' views, this is seen as an effective method.

Vacunaut Features
a. This is a combination of vacuum suction and gentle exercise.
b. One has to get into an integrated fat activation Vacunaut pressure suit consisting of 122 chambers that gently massages the stomach.
c. The pressure in the chambers can be controlled.
d. It is 100 percent natural.
e. It helps in inch loss from the waist and stomach.
f. This is an ideal alternative to surgical procedures and painful gym workouts.
g. It does not put any pressure on the spinal column.
h. 12 sessions are enough to cause a reduction of 1-2 trouser sizes.

a. Critics point out that normal exercising and dieting can achieve the same results.
b. It is also criticized as being complicated and user-unfriendly.

Selected gyms in the UK.

The procedure
a. A person is first measured and then put into a Lycra suit that reaches the knees.
b. The next step involves the fitting of a heart monitor on to the chest.
c. After this, one has to get into the bright red and black vacunaut suit resembling a thick belt of giant bubble wrap and which has three big valves down the front.
d. Then a person is plugged into a vacuum machine.
e. The bubble wrap suction chamber contracts and relaxes rhythmically around the belly.
f. Then one is put to work on a treadmill.
g. Each session lasts 40 minutes.
h. After this, dietary advice is given.