heel-lift-leg-length-correction.jpg Leg Length Discrepancy (LLD) is a problem which is insignificant to many, is basically the inequality in length of two legs. This is due to various reasons like one leg bone being lengthier than the person’s other leg or the problem can be caused by the improper positioning of the spine. People who have a discrepancy in their legs can have knee pain, poor standing posture, low-back pain and increased incidence of scoliosis. There is a new low cost solution for just $10.

Procedure Review
a. Chiropractors have recommend using a gel based or any heel lift to correct leg length discrepancy. Study has shown that 51% of patients who used a heel lift have had relief from back-pain caused by leg length discrepancy.
b. By using a heel lift many patients have overcome chronic sciatic pain.
c. Using shoe lift solution for LLD problem, costs a mere $10. It is simple and non-invasive method.
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