An ungainly foot can be at the root of many problems. Wearing the right shoes is not always the answer. Dr. Ali Sadrieh of Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery wondered why a woman can't just correct her feet and show off in stylish shoes. The result is revolutionary techniques to correct feet. Dr. Ali Sadrieh is also known as Dr. Footnomenal by many celebrities who have had foot correction done by him. He is also one of the foremost foot surgeons in the United States.

Highlights of Dr. Ali Sadrieh's treatments
a. He corrects flat, fat and wide feet.
b. He makes it possible for women in high heeled shoes to be comfortable for long hours.
c. Some of the foot treatments offered by Dr. Ali Sadrieh are
i. 'toe tucks' - The procedure involves shortening of a longer second toe.
ii. 'foot sculpture' - Here the excess fat from the feet are removed.
iii. 'Cinderella Procedure' - The procedure helps women with wide feet have them narrowed
iv. 'Footox' - Women who have excessive foot sweating are induced with Botox injections to paralyze sweat glands in the feet.
v. Cushion Comfeet - Women who are used to wearing high heels for extended periods of time are injected with collagen injection or silicone implant into the bottom of feet for comfort.
d. Once women get their foot fixed, the re occurrence of problems and future structural problems do not occur.
e. Foot correction procedures can cost anything between $1000 to $3500.
f. Some insurance companies cover these procedures.
g. Most of the foot correction procedures take about an hour.