foot-correction.jpg Women have, for ages, been trying to get into impossibly high or narrow shoes. They are willing to silently suffer the pain that comes from wearing such shoes for the sake of fashion. Many opt for foot correction surgery so that they can wear the season's latest fashionable stilettos. What they don't realize is that this comes with a heavy risk. Now, more and more podiatrists are unwilling to perform such procedures and warning their patients about the adverse effects.

Problems with High heels / Improper shoes
a. It can lead to corns and ingrown toenails.
b. It can sprain the ankles and cause bunions and Achilles tendon problems.
c. It can affect the knees and lead to back problems.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a major invasive surgery.
b. This surgery is undertaken to correct ingrown toenails or feet deformity.
c. Women wishing to sport the latest footwear go in for straightening or shortening of toenails and reshaping of feet.

a. This is a very risky procedure.
b. It can lead to feet deformity.
c. It can have permanent adverse effects.
d. It is an expensive option.

$20,000 or more.