botox-foot-injections.jpg Foot-Lifts are a must-have for any woman who likes high heels. A painless heel is the ultimate luxury. Ask any women who loves to strut around in stilettos or a hardworking woman constantly on her toes. Cosmetic foot surgeon, Dr. Suzanne Levine, understands this problem. She has Academy Award winners and also women from other industries lining up outside her door to get a foot lift, relieve their ache and show off their perfect walk. A foot-lift is a simple procedure where she injects polylactic acid on the ball of the foot.

Procedure Benefits
a. A collagen enhancer is injected into the ball of the foot.
b. It is a short and simple procedure requiring just a minute.
c. It is quite painless and the patient feels just a sting for about 2 seconds.
d. It is ideal for people who have to stand on their feet for a long time.
e. It relieves heel pain.