High heels are a part of fashion accessory today. It is integral to looking good and feeling good. Most dresses are incomplete without it. However, it needs to be worn in the right manner for the effect to show off. One has to be absolutely comfortable while sporting a pair of high heels as the wrong gait or posture can lead to serious injury. Shoe designer Victor Chu and Broadway dancer Kylin Brady's workout video Legwork: The Secret to Sexy Heel Wearing &Fitness, for high heel fitness goes a long way in helping women who like high heels.

Women's guide to wearing high heels
a. It is an absolute necessity to be in total control of the body while wearing high heels.
b. Heels are seductive and make the legs look good.
c. It is better to suck in the stomach to balance the body better.
d. It is better to glide along instead of striding while wearing heels.
e. Practice on your posture.
f. Strengthen your calf muscles with exercise.
g. Wearing heels all the time can lead to bunions and plantar fasciitis, a condition that causes severe pain in the heels.
h. A documentary on CBC (aired on Jan 11th 8 p.m, ET/PT) titled “High heel confidential” has tips on how to be confident wearing high heels and common high heel survival guide.
i. The Legwork: The secret to sexy heel wearing & fitness DVD is priced at $19.95 - Click here to buy now