legwork-stiletto-solutions.jpg Women wearing heels make an unnatural foot posture causing pain, blisters and a lot of discomfort while walking. New Stiletto innovations are letting women relieve their pain and walk with style.

High heel pain free tips
a. World famous Crunch gym is offering a Stiletto Strength class, which targets the leg and foot muscles.
b. The new workout DVD called "Legwork: the Secret to Sexy Heel Wearing & Fitness" is a in house solution to strengthen the legs and calves. The DVD is recommended by podiatrists and is priced $20.
c. Foot Petals line of products offer flower shaped ball foot cushions which fit well in the shoes and prevent feet from sliding forward. The foot cushions are priced at $7.
d. Haute Heelz and Heavenly Heelz is also offering a variety of foot cushions and a shoe bag for $50
e. Dr.Scholl's is offering for her line offers insoles, lotions and exfoliating tools.
f. There is also a new product called the Minisock, which helps prevent the pain and offer cushioning effect. The price of the Minisock ranges from €20 - €40