Women have for long driven while wearing insensibly high heels. Besides being uncomfortable, it also puts them at risk of accidents and health problems. Seeing this problem, UK based car insurance company Sheilas' Wheels has developed a unique shoe that can transform itself from a flat to a stylish pair of heels at the a push of a button. Launched in October 2005, these shoes offer women drivers a safer and more comfortable option while driving.

Highlights of the Sheila Driving Heel
a. These shoes are designed to give women a safe flat shoe while they are driving and a fashionable heel at other times.
b. These shoes eliminate the disadvantages associated with driving with high heels.
c. It reduces pressure on the knee and lower back.
d. A discrete tread on the sole helps with the grip on the pedals.
e. It can change from a flat to heels at the push of a button.
f. It has a curved back to help in ankle movements.
g. It is more comfortable and safe.