bariatric-eating-gastric-bypass-diet.jpg is a website dedicated to provide low calorie protein rich food items, for the patients who have undergone gastric bypass. The website has been launched by Susan Maria Leach, who is also the author or the book "Before & After: Living & Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery". The book consists of recipes (for bariatric patients) and answers to frequently asked questions, about diet of overweight people. The website is a boon, for patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and are hit by strict food control.

Website Highlights
a. Since its launch, the website has sold food items worth $3 million, for the current year.
b. Food items sold are targeted to needs of bariatric patients who are on restricted diet.
c. DaVinci sugar-free vanilla syrup, Revival yogurt-covered crispy bars and Spice Exchange sugar-free cocktail mixers, are few of the food items sold.
d. Protein powder in chocolate-coconut flavors, strawberry-kiwi and vanilla-cinnamon are the top selling food items.
e. All the products are custom developed so that they taste good.

The owner says "products are made to suit bariatric patients and ensure that eating is not a punishment, but a pleasure".