bcbs-emmi-health-gastric-bypass-surgery.jpg Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, health insurance company has come up with the idea of helping its members with a unique multimedia guide for patients considering gastric bypass surgery. The web based program, provides complete information about the gastric bypass surgery including its effects, cost, availability, alternatives and procedure to all its members.

Benefits of EmmiHealth program - Informed Decision Making for Bariatric Surgery

a. Patients who undergo Bariatric surgery can know the post operative complications beforehand.
b. The interactive guide significantly reduces the cost of the treatment by giving information about various possibilities, treatment alternatives and availability of the treatment.
c. The EmmiHealth guide helps patients find the medical facilities which are highly rated for gastric bypass surgery.
d. The main intension of the EmmiHealth program is to make the patient more active in their medical care.
e. The EmmiHealth interactive guide is offered free of cost to all BCBS members in Illinois.