Diet plans, surgery, diet pills, liposuction… it is really tough for obese people. All these plans and procedures come with side effects and the invasive procedures are painful and, at times, also leaves scar. Besides, most invasive weight loss procedures are too expensive for most people. Hence, the cheaper gastric band, which is placed around the upper part of the stomach to create a smaller pouch for holding food, is a better alternative. But it had its shortcomings and efforts were on to develop a better band. Finally, EndoArt of Switzerland has developed Easyband® wireless adjustable gastric band that can be adjusted easily.

Product Highlights
a. It is a wireless stomach band.
b. Its diameter can be adjusted with a remote control to fit individual requirements.
c. This device involves the use of a portable computer that sends radio signals to the implant to either become loose or tight.
d. It is available only in Europe.
e. This device is based on Endoart's Flowatch technology.
f. It is the only telemetrically controlled gastric band in the world.
g. It does not involve the use of a battery.
h. The handheld operator is easy to use.
i. It is a cheaper, better and painless alternative.