gastric-bypass-surgery-risks.jpg Many men and women who are extremely obese are now opting for Laparoscopic procedures to help them reduce their weight. Many have deemed these surgeries as a better alternative to traditional surgeries. This minimally invasive procedure does away with a lot of complications associated with fully invasive surgical procedures. However, one should be aware that laparoscopic procedures do have their own risks, which though rare can, at times, be life threatening. Especially in the case of gastric bypass surgeries, the risks can outweigh the benefits.

Issues of Concern
a. Age is a critical factor when considering gastric bypass surgeries. When one is young the body can support the drastic weight loss that occurs after gastic bypass surgeries. Depending on age, general health and other medical conditions, a person might be run the risk of death. One should consult a doctor before going in for this procedure.
b. Some times after gastric bypass surgeries, there are blood clots in the legs. These can be dangerous since they can travel to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism.
c. In some patients there are leaks in the staple lines in the stomach. These leaks need emergency surgery to correct them and in most cases, it can be treated with antibiotics.
d. Pneumonia is also a side effect due to the extra stress on the chest cavity and lungs.
e. This procedure can lead to the narrowing of the opening between the stomach and small intestine, which can cal for corrective surgery.
f. Other side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and sweating.
g. Vitamin and mineral deficiency, dehydration, gallstones, bleeding stomach ulcer, hernia at the incision site and Intolerance to certain foods are other common complications.