In the year 2006, about 200,000 bariatric surgeries are expected, to be performed. The US "Department of Health and Human Services" has disclosed that out of every 10 patients undergoing bariatric surgery, 4 of them develop complications, within 6 months. In this context,
leading healthcare ratings company, has given ratings to the hospitals performing bariatric surgeries, after conducting a study on this.

Study Findings
a. has posted quality ratings on the website for hospitals in 17 states, performing bariatric surgeries.
b. Hospitals received 5-star, 3-star and 1-star ratings.
c. The common major complications include respiratory, bleeding, and cardiac complications;
d. The average U.S. mortality rate, in bariatric surgeries, during the study period was 2- patients per 1000
e. The period of hospital stay was 21 percent shorter in five-star hospitals, compared to national average.
f. A 5-star rated hospital, has, 66% less chances of developing complications compared to 1-star hospital.
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