A new treatment procedure is in the offing for obesity and gastrointestinal problems. EnteroMedics Inc.'s VBLOC Therapy (Vagal BLocking for Obesity Control) is being designed to control the function of vagal nerves that control the feelings of hunger and satiety. Clinical trials have proved the efficacy of this system.

Therapy Highlights
a. This is an implantable system.
b. It is designed to regulate nerve and organ function.
c. It will regulate the activities of the stomach and pancreas.
d. It involves the beaming of high frequency, low power electrical signals through implanted leads.
e. These signals block vagal nerve transmission which regulates stomach activities.
f. The leads are implanted through laparoscopy.
g. This system is safe and effective.
h. It can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.

This is not yet available in the US.