scoring-system-gastric-bypass-safety.jpg Gastric bypass surgery is opted for by people who want to lose weight. In this procedure, a part of the stomach is stapled and the intestine is attached to the other part so that a person is unable to eat more. Though this is a popular procedure, sometimes it is fatal for some patients. Duke University Medical Center surgeon, Eric DeMaria has developed a scoring system to predict the risks of patients in 2006. A study on 4,400 patients using the system has shown that this is very effective.

System Highlights
a. This system is used to predict the risks of gastric bypass surgery.
b. This is done on the basis of a patient's weight, gender, age, blood pressure and risk of developing blood clot in the lungs.
c. This system helps physicians to decide whether the risk factor in patients is low, medium or high.
d. It will help surgeons take a better decision.
e. It will help immensely in the outcome of the surgery.
f. This is a precise system.