Tufts-NEMC, New England is going to perform a gastric bypass surgery using minimally invasive methods. Dr. Scott Shikora, Chief of Bariatric Surgery at Tufts with his team of expert surgeons will perform this surgery. Tufts-NEMC is also offering (as a part of comprehensive program) nutritional, medical, behavioral and exercise components to help patients to maintain the outcome of the surgery.

Procedure Highlights
a. This procedure involves reducing the stomach's size to a one ounce pouch by using minimally-invasive techniques.
b. The surgeon makes six small incisions and inserts instruments and miniature cameras to perform the surgery.
c. The procedure takes two hours of time and patients go home in 2 or 3 days.
d. The results of this procedure are long lasting and after the surgery, the patient requires to make changes to their diet plan.
e. However, this surgery is for select candidates, since it is a serious and life-altering procedure.