Lasik eye surgery is a well-known treatment for rectification of visual defects. However the procedure is not suitable for patients whose corneas are too thin. Now there are newer alternatives for patients who are not suitable for Lasik surgery. Epi-lasik is one such procedure.

Procedure Features
a. The Epi-lasik procedure is recommended for patients not suitable for conventional laser surgery.
b. The surgery lets patients improve vision upto 20/20, without glasses.
c. The procedure differs from lasik where in the surgeon uses a plastic blade to separate the epithelial flap from the eye. Then the surgeon uses a regular lasik laser to perform the surgery. Once the surgery is finished, the epithelial flap is replaced on the eye.
d. A special contact lens is placed on the eye till the epithelial layer is reformed.
e. Epi-lasik is a painful procedure than lasik and patients usually need more recovery time and pain killers.
f. The Epi-lasik surgery costs approximately $5,900.