restor_rezoom.jpgThere have been many instances where Ophthalmologists, remove cataract-clouded lenses replacing them with plastic or monofocal lenses to improve distance vision. However the patients were having problems like to focus on close objects. The Multifocal lenses, introduced a year ago have eliminated patients need for glasses or contact lenses. The FDA approved acrylic multifocal lenses ‘ReStor’ and ‘ReZoom’ has concentric zones through which light bends to create multiple images. Once the brain adapts to choose the image, the results are good. The implant procedure takes 20 minutes and is performed with local anesthesia. Although vision is good within few days, they don’t always give perfectly clear vision. The risks, associated are as infection, retinal detachment, overcorrection and visual disturbances. It costs between $2,100 to $2,800 a piece.