Replacing the hand-held microkeratome blade, IntraLase FS laser is a blade free LASIK procedure, used to make LASIK corneal flaps (first step of LASIK procedure). Dr.James J.Salz LASIK surgeon of Laser Eye Associates of Los Angeles, is one of the first to, to offer blade
free LASIK with IntraLase Method. By replacing hand-held microkeratome blade, IntraLase laser makes LASIK safer. The procedure has had 1 million patients who have undergone IntraLase procedure and has overwritten any fears of patients. The IntraLase FS laser technology is used by premier ophthalmic institutes like Duke University Medical School, Stanford University, Boscom Palmer Eye Institute and many others.

Procedure Highlights
a. It eliminates serious vision threatening LASIK complications associated with hand-held microkeratome.
b. Results in best visual outcomes; giving patients 20/20 vision.
c. In this procedure, infrared light beam is used that produces 60,000 pulses per second to create corneal flap, which is the first step of LASIK.
d. IntraLasik procedure enables surgeons to precisely control the first step of LASIK
e. The procedure takes 15-30 seconds, to complete.
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