In the patients who undergo, Lasik to eliminate the need of wearing spectacles, there are few risks during the recovery period. Studies have shown that a symptom called diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK) may occur after the Lasik procedure and some patients have seen this occur just 45 days and some have seen it occur after 8 years. Till date medical community has believed that the risk of DLK is limited to early, postoperative period only. But the latest study of Dr.William B.Trattler,MD has disapproved the belief. DLK results in severe eye trauma and can sometime lead to vision loss.

Study findings on diffuse lamellar keratitis ( DLK )
a. The risk of DLK in patients who have undergone LASIK, is there for life. DLK can occur any time after LASIK.
b. The study suggests patients who have undergone LASIK to take Slit Lamp examination periodically, to identify onset of late DLK. This minimizes risk of
corneal damage that can lead to vision loss.
c. Early diagnosis of DLK can be treated with antibiotics and in severe cases one might need surgery.