A new computer software has been developed that improves the outcomes of Lasik eye surgery. Lasik eye surgery is performed to do away the need to wear eye-glasses, however many patients are far-sighted and need to undergo the surgery again for correction. The new program developed at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York helps prevents such difficulty (of going under multiple surgeries) and patients can get perfect vision in the first instance only.

Procedure Review
a. In this system, the patient is made to undergo a test. The test identifies specific anomalies of the eye and is specific to each person. Using this information the new system adjusts the laser beam, at the time of surgery, giving a perfect vision.
b. In present mode of Lasik surgery about 20% of the patients have to undergo repeat surgeries. The new system reduces the need to go for follow-up surgery, by 2%.
c. For more information on the latest lasik procedure contact Scott MacRae M.D., Scott_MacRae@URMC.Rochester.edu