As one ages there is change in vision and eye problems like Cataracts, dry eyes, Presbyopia and floaters are common. For dry eye syndrome the best cure is to use lubricating eye drops. In majority of the cases, no doctor can stop diseases associated with aging eyes. Experts have recommended a few safety measures, which can prevent eye problems as we age.

Old age Eyecare
a. Men and women who smoke are at an increased risk of cataract.
b. Eating a balanced diet, rich in Vitamin A is said to benefit eyes.
c. Safeguard eyes from ultraviolet rays, by using sunglasses.
d. Presbyopia a problem associated with people who are aged 40 and over, the symptoms of Presbyopia allows eyes to see only one distance, people can either see short or long, but not both. Presbyopia is usually corrected by using corrective glasses or contacts. In some instances a procedure called Monovision is performed, which involves correcting one eye for short vision and the other for long vision.
e. Floaters is another problem affecting people who are nearsighted. As one ages the eyes lose the gel in the eyeball and this leads to the formation of fibers in the eyeball. The fibers obstruct the retina and cause blurred vision. Laser surgery is recommended for people suffering from Floaters problem.
f. Cataracts affects people who are over 60, where in the lens in the eyes becomes blurry and results in vision blurriness. The procedure is corrected by removing the blurry lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.
g. Dry eyes syndrome can be aggravated by certain medications and can cause irritation, burning and itchy feeling. The only cure for dry eyes syndrome is using over the counter Dry eye relief drops. The drops are available in drug stores and prices range from $4.99 to $39.99
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