California based medical device company Evera Medical has announced the completion of 2 years since the first treatment with its saline-filled facial implant FulFil™. They reported that none of the treated patients have exhibited any adverse reactions. According to Dr. Michael D. Lesh, Chairman and CEO of Evera Medical, the outcome of this 2 year period has been highly encouraging. The saline filled facial implant is used for areas including the lips and eye.

Highlights of the 2 years mark of the saline-filled facial implant
a. Till date, 670 such implants have been implanted on patients by more than 70 physicians.
b. None of the patients have reported any complications or reactions.
c. It has proved to be highly safe and effective.
d. This implant can be removed if the patient desires a different look.
e. Patients are treated in a simple procedure.
f. The procedure takes about 15 minutes.
g. It gives a supple, young and compliant look.
h. At the time of treatment, the product is filled with saline.
i. This saline can be increased or decreased as per the degree of enhancement required.
j. A micro-valve stops the fluid from escaping.
k. The devices are coated with a highly bio-compatible material.