lip-augmentation-dermal-fillers.jpg These days, undergoing the number of lip augmentation procedures is soaring and some plastic surgeons of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) disclosed that one should be aware of the benefits and risks of various lip augmentation procedures. Since all the procedures available do not give the same results, the following things to be kept in mind prior to undergoing the lip augmentation procedure.

Safety considerations before undergoing Lip Procedures

a. Some injectable fillers can keep you on the verge of facing higher risk of complication depending on where they are injected.
b. As injectable fillers affect the areas like the outer mouth (laugh lines), edge of lip (lipstick lines), and inner lip, choose the best one, keeping the thing in the mind that some are more appropriate than others depending upon the area targeted.
c. Though Semi-permanent fillers are best around the mouth and along the lip's border and help to correct the edge and fill in lipstick and laugh lines, injecting it into the inner lip may lead to potential risks like visible lumps and clumping.
d. For augmentation of lips hyaluronic acid fillers are considered the best one as they cause little risk because of their short-term results.
e.Collagen is also considered as the good lip filler but is very expensive.
f. The average age of the patients to undergo the treatment is 35 to 64 and this procedure is mostly to restore lips and not to over fill.