Lip implants are opted for by millions of women worldwide. However, most implants give an unnatural look to the lips while making it hard and rubbery. At times, it also leads to scarring. After extensive research, in 2002, a revolutionary implant was introduced in the market. PermaLip is a permanent implant that retains the natural contours of the lips.

Procedure Highlights
a. These implants are made of non-rupture, soft silicon.
b. Two small incisions are made in the corners of the mouth.
c. Then the implant is passed through a tunnel in the lip and centered.
d. They are available in three different lengths measuring 55mm ( 3mm width ) , 60mm ( 4mm width ) & 65mm ( 5mm width )
e. The lip implants give a natural look.
f. The entire procedure takes just 15 minutes.
g. The procedure involves the use of local anesthesia.
h. The procedure is not covered by insurance companies.
i. It is a permanent implant but can also be removed in 10 minutes if a patient so desires.
j. Patients are advised not to eat hot food or drinks for 48 hours and to sleep with an extra pillow under the head for a week.
k. Patients are also given simple mouth exercises, such that the lip implant adjusts to the patient.
l. Antibiotics are given to prevent infection.
m. Painkillers are also given if required.

a. Possible side effects are sore lips and swelling for a few days.
b. It is a painful procedure.

$2500 - $3000