popular-lip-plumpers.jpg With the craze among youth to have plump lips, numerous lip plumpers are released into the market each claiming a myriad of benefits. Here few lip plumpers and the company's claims and what the users say about these products.

a. Product Name: Too Faced Lip Injection
Claims: When applied with brush the lip plumper improves blood circulation in lips, making lips to swell.
User comment: It has instant plumping effect.
Price: $18.50
Available at Sephora.com

b. Product Name: Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lipocolor
Claims: Instant Lip Plumper, that smoothens lips for younger look. Reduced lip lines.
User comments: This made lips to dry up, is not very interesting.
Price: $8
Available at Avon.com

c. Product Name: Origins Underwear for Lips
Claims: Long lasting and no-fade protection to lips. Erases lines and cracks on lips.
User comments: Got a feeling of healthier and fuller lips.
Price: $13.50
Available at Origins.com

d. Product Name: City Lips Collagen Plumping Treatment
Claims: Enhances collagen, thereby increasing the lip size and even reduces wrinkles on lips.
Users Comment: Regular usage for a month has increased the lip size.
Price: $29
Available at Beauty.com