Full lips are coveted by most women. Silicon injections and lip glosses are often used to produce the perfect pout, however there is a new cosmetic invasive procedure that can give a permanent pout. It is a simple surgery that is done by a plastic surgeon. The surgeon makes a small incision on the lips to fit a saline filled balloon. Though this procedure is comparatively expensive, the results are better and despite the bruising and swelling caused by it, women are excited by this lip plumping procedure.

Highlights of the new pout plumping procedure
a. This procedure takes about 15 to 20 minutes.
b. The patient is administered anesthesia for the procedure.
c. The lips are first measured and a small incision is made in the lips.
d. A small balloon containing saline is then placed inside the lip, below the skin and above the muscles.
e. This procedure is first performed in the lower lip and then the upper lip.
f. Side effects are bruising and swelling.
g. Epinephrine administered during this procedure may make patients a bit unsteady.
h. Patients are adviced to apply Neosporin on the lips as protection against infection.
i. It costs around $3000.

Surgeons administering this procedure
a. Dr. Marvin Borsand