Cryoliposis-liposuction.jpg There is now a new technology that offers to freeze away the fat of obese people and help them lose weight. Clinical trials on 200 people with fat under the skin of their thighs, abdomen or back are currently underway in the United States. Developed by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University, this technology is based on the assumption that cold can induce lipolysis. Zeltiq, an American company, has developed the device that is used in the procedure.

Highlights of Cryolipolysis
a. This is a non-invasive procedure.
b. It cools the fat cells to trigger lipolysis or the breakdown of fat.
c. It involves the placement of a 3 by 4 centimeters plate like device directly onto the skin of the area to be treated.
d. After placement, the plate is rapidly cooled.
e. A fat-reducing effect is noticed at around minus 1C, with the plate in place from 5 to 20 minutes.
f. There is no damage to other tissue types.
g. It causes the death of the Apoptotic fat cells.
h. A natural biological inflammatory process removes dead fat cells over time and causes a reduction in the fat layer.
i. It is a safe procedure that reduces fat tissue near nerves, muscle and bones.
j. It is more effective in areas that have a lot of fat that in leaner areas.
k. There might be some pain involved and some form of anesthesia might be required.