Obese people are often willing to try anything to lose weight. At times, they opt for risky procedures that can have adverse effects. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has issued a warning about injection fat loss treatments in public interest. These procedures often inject people with unknown substances and their efficacy has not yet been scientifically proved.

ASAPS Warning
a. ASAPS have warned patients about the lipolysis and mesotherapy procedures.
b. They have also issued warnings about the brand names Lipodissolve and Lipostabil.
c. These are injection fat loss procedures.
d. According to the warning, these procedures are not backed by any scientific research and data.
e. Their efficacy and safety is not known.
f. These procedures are not approved by the FDA.
g. Their ingredients are not transparent.
h. Most of these procedures are offered by unqualified people.
i. Possible side effects are bacterial infection, granulomas and localized necrosis.