Planning a tummy tuck? Think again. You could be contributing to environment pollution. According to Drs. Navin Singh and Marwan Khalifeh, senior partners at Ivy Plastic Surgery Associates in Chevy Chase, D.C., procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks require the suctioning out of fat from the body. This fat is then incinerated for want of a better way of disposal. This burning of fat releases carbon in the environment. Taking this into account and seeking to do their bit towards being environmental friendly, they have now started purchasing carbon credits.

Highlights of the issue
a. According to the doctors, a pound of fat is about 78 per cent carbon.
b. In the US, almost 450,000 liposuctions and tummy tucks are performed in a year.
c. This means that about 1000 tons of carbon is released every year into the atmosphere when it is incinerated for disposal.
d. The resulting pollution is equivalent to driving 2 million miles.
e. In their opinion, even jogging emits carbon into the air when fat is being burned by the body.

Highlights of the initiative
a. Singh and Khalifeh have started purchasing carbon credits.
b. They do this through the website
c. They have signed up to spend about $100 to $200 a month on carbon credits,
d. They hope that this amount will go to companies and nonprofit organizations involved in pollution reduction, protecting existing forests, planting trees, etc.