Lipodissolve, is a procedure to get rid of stubborn fat that is unresponsive to regular exercise and diet control. There have been numerous Lipo dissolve clinics which have started off late and more than 50,000 patients have undergone this procedure. However there have been many controversies over this procedure and FDA has not approved it nor is it in the process of approving the procedure.

Controversies over the Procedure

a. The Lipo dissolve procedure is a non invasive procedure and dosen't require surgery. The procedure can be performed over lunch time and patient may have temporary swelling, bruising and soreness after the procedure.
b. The Lipo dissolve procedure has not been approved by the FDA nor there have been studies incidating the effectiveness of this procedure.
c. Operators of the Lipo dissolve procedure promote the procedure claiming that 50,000 patients across the country have benefited from the procedure.
d. Only a small area of the body can be worked at a time.
e. The FDA has banned a website in 2003 which claimed to sell an injectable product called Lipostabil that promised to dissolve fat.
f. The FDA does not regulate the Lipo dissolve clinics and medical professional who perform this procedure are approved by state medical licensing boards, whose only requirement is to have a staff person, physician licensed to obtain prescriptions.
g. Some patients who have undergone Lipo dissolve have complained that they have had bruising and the medical practitioners have poor practices.