Cynosure, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of light-based aesthetic treatment systems, has introduced an 18-watt workstation to its existing Smartlipo LaserBodySculpting products. Cynosure currently has the 6-watt and 10-watt workstations. The 18-watt Smartlipo was introduced at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Highlights of the 18-Watt System
a. It will enable physicians to reduce treatment time of laser-assisted liposuction.
b. It provides practitioners a highly efficient approach for performing laser-assisted liposuction.
c. It greatly reduces treatment time.
d. It is based on the pulse technology.
e. It delivers laser energy that liquefies the fat.
f. The Smartlipo's laser energy coagulates the tissue, sculpts body contours and tightens the skin.
g. There is less bleeding, swelling and bruising.
h. There are fewer complications and faster recovery.