Excessive sweating ( Hyperhiderosis ) is a problem suffered by many that not only causes embarrassment, but also leads to personal hygiene problems. Now doctors at the Boston University's Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery are offering liposuction procedure to treat excessive sweating.

Procedure Highlights
a. For underarm sweating, using liposuction doctors remove underarm sweat glands.
b. If there is excessive sweating in other areas like feet, palms etc, doctors surgically clip the nerves which trigger sweating. Even Botox is used, sometimes to block sweat-stimulating nerves. But results with botox last for only 6 months.
c. Liposuction for underarm sweating is a one-time procedure and the results are permanent.
d. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and is minimally invasive.
e. Liposuction to relieve underarm sweating costs $3,500; and is low risk surgery.
f. As the procedure is cosmetic, there is no insurance coverage.

Clinics offering the procedure
a. Boston cosmetic surgery, Boston Massachusetts