The fastest growing procedures of plastic surgeries are not mere tune ups; rather they are major operations in which surgeons literally cut away pounds of flesh. These are mainly by pass surgeries of stomach. Patients can loose hundreds of pounds after the operation, but their skin remains stretched out, often it looks like a balloon after air is removed from it.

According to the (ASPS) American Society of Plastic Surgeons five fastest growing plastic surgeries are procedures used to remove the excess skin.

1) Lower Body Lift
2) Upper Arm Lift
3) Buttock Lift
4) Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)
5) Thigh Lift

As per records 68,000 body contouring procedures performed in last year. These five procedures alone generated $700 million in surgeon’s fees.

The procedures are not covered by insurance companies. So for these surgeries patients have to come several times to the hospital and its cost is $50,000 or more at some times. However, the number of patients who need these procedures is increasing Medicare recently put forward a statement that it would pay for some gastric obese patients.