high-definition-lipo-selection.jpg The high-definition lipo-selection aimed at reshaping stubborn fat, is performed currently by only a handful of doctors in the world. Dr. Millard is the only surgeon in the U.S. to perform this cosmetic procedure. In this procedure, fat is liquefied using Ultrasound energy, and it’s then sucked out, leaving just enough to mimic muscle. It's good for men and women who are not overweight but wish to micro-manage their appearance, or for someone who want to look better. The results last as long as one’s weight remains intact. The surgery has few drawbacks. They are blood clots, infection, fluid loss and damage to skin or nerves. Recovery time is about five days to return to work, two weeks to see a difference, and four months to see the final results. The procedure costs between $8,000 and $15,000.