high-definition-liposelection.jpg Now a new technique called 'High-Definition LipoSelection' has emerged as a perfect procedure to get rid of the excess fat and also shape your muscles. Dr. John Millard, the only trained surgeon in this latest technique has said that this can be performed for both the men and women.

Procedure Highlights
a. High-Definition LipoSelection is a latest procedure in ultrasound body contouring.
b. This is a technique that outperforms the procedures Liposuction and lipoSelection.
c. High-Definition LipoSelection removes excess fat (both deep and superficial) in between muscle groups and leaves behind a small amount of fat to give a perfect shape to the muscle.
d. After 4-5 days of the treatment the patient can get back to the work and the results can be found after 2 months of the treatment, and for complete results it will take 4 months.
e. This procedure costs about $8,000 to $15000 (depending on the number of areas to be transformed).

The inventor and the expert of this procedure in the world other than Dr. Miller of Millard Plastic Surgery in Lone Tree, Colorado is Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogot√°, Columbia.