Lipodissolve is a liposuction treatment that involves a series of injections of a mixture of phosphatidylcholine and sodium deoxycholate to break down body fat and improve cellulite. The injected substances have not been approved by the FDA and its effects could lead to scarring, pigmentation or ulcer formation. At times, a small lump might develop under the injection site. According to recent reports, pop star Britney Spears' thighs might have been damaged due to this procedure. Seeking to ensure patient safety, Kansas has become the first state to pass a temporary regulation to change the way physicians administer these drugs.

Procedure Ban Details
a. This regulation has been passed by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts.
b. This is a temporary regulation that might be modified, made permanent or even abandoned in future.
c. It seeks to change the way doctors administer unregulated drugs for breaking down fat cells.
d. Practitioners will now have to write a prescription for the drug instead of procuring it in bulk.
e. This regulation will go into effect 120 days from April 25, 2007.
f. This regulation seeks to ensure that injected drugs are safe and effective.
g. Physicians, surgeons or osteopaths will now have to perform a physical examination of the patient and record the medical history before they administer unapproved drugs.