lipo-dissolve-liposuction.jpg Lipo Dissolve is a easier alternative to liposuction to treat and eliminate small-sized fat deposits in the body for both men and women.

Procedure Features

a. A medication is injected into the fat deposits through a series of injections. The compounds that are in the medication can be normally found in the body.
b. The natural compounds of the medication work in the intestines of a patient to dissolve the fat in the digested food.
c. The number of treatments and injections will be decided depending on the size of the fat deposits.
d. The body parts which can be treated by Lipo Dissolve are lower abdomen, hips, buttocks, outer thighs and lower sides of the back. In the face the part under the eyes, the nasolabial folds on either side of the nose can also be treated with Lipo Dissolve.
e. A patient requires 6 sets of injections over the course of 12 weeks to effectively get rid of the fat deposits.
f. The cost of the procedure ranges from $400 to $2,000 depending on the number of treatments.

Things to be kept in the mind before undergoing the Procedure

a. A patient who is considered to be morbidly obese (i.e. a patient with BMI score 30 or more) is not a right person to get this treatment as this procedure is not a complete weight-loss procedure.
b. The patients suffering from arthritis, bleeding disorders, liver disease, or kidney disease are also not the candidates to be treated with Lipo Dissolve.
c. This treatment can cause a little swelling and discomfort that can go off in a few days.