lipo-dissolve-mesotherapy-weight-loss.jpg Lipo Dissolve is a non-invasive procedure to get rid of fat, localized fat deposits and bulging areas on your body. The procedure is not for the obese or overweight. A lean person with stubborn fat deposits in specific areas like thighs and waist can use Lipo Dissolve to melt it away. Doctors claim that the procedure has a success ratio of 90-95%. Patients have to be aware that the procedure is not for everyone and one has to ask doctors what is being injected through the injections, as there is no standard injectables for this prodcedure. Patients also have to make sure that they take before and after, photos and measurement such that they can analyze the inches lost. Advanced Lipo Dissolve Center a facility which has performed over 50,000 lipodissolve procedures is offering 100% money back if the results are not satisfactory. Each session of Lipo Dissolve costs about $200 - $500.