liposoft-lunch-time-liposuction.jpg A new technique called 'Liposoft' has been introduced in the UK to reduce the excess cellulite in different areas of the body. This new and simple surgery will effectively reduce cellulite that is resistant to diet and exercise.

Procedure Highlights
a. Liposoft is a procedure specially designed for women and performed under local anesthetic.
b. 'Liposoft' is a perfect alternative to the old Liposuction technique and it takes only 90 minutes to perform this surgery.
c. The procdure involves making a small incision on the area where the surgery is to be performed and a large canula is inserted into the body through the incision to drain out the fat.
d. A liquid (combination of saline and adrenaline) will be sprayed to break down the fat cells before sucking out the fat.
e. A machine Body Jet with a plastic container is used to collect the fat through the canula that connects the incision and the Body Jet.
f. There will be a little bruising and swelling after the surgery and it will go off in a few days.
g. One does not need to stay in the clinic more than a day after the surgery and it will take two weeks time to recover completely.