Liposonix is a new non-invasive body sculpting procedure being developed by privately held Seattle based company. The procedure help target specific pockets of fat and results in non-invasive weight loss. This is rated as most advanced versions of technology for body-sculpting, available till date.

Procedure Review
a. The procedure delivers high-intensity ultrasound through the skin to the targeted fat pockets, within subcutaneous adipose tissue. Ultrasound energy permanently disrupts the fat cells and there is no damage caused to the dermis, epidermis and underlying tissues or bodily organs surrounding the tissue. The tissue treated so is re-absorbed through normal inflammatory mechanisms.
b. The swelling and bruising is very little and there is no downtime.
c. It can be performed quickly and is safe. There is no need for wetting solutions.
d. Procedure does not require any incision. The cost is very low compared to liposuction surgery.
e. Liposonix is under clinical trials and expected to be commercially available by mid 2007.