Going in for any surgical procedure is a trauma for African American women. Darker skin is prone to scarring and, as a result, most dark skinned women opt for non invasive procedures to correct their physical appearance. This has an effect emotionally and physically on the patient, especially if the patient wants to undergo a breast reduction procedure. Now, according to a report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons' official journal, minimally invasive liposuction can be a scarless alternative for other invasive procedure of breast reconstruction for women with dark skin.

Procedure Review
a. The Society of Plastic Surgeons says that breast reduction through liposuction is a viable alternative for African American women.
b. This less invasive procedure will ensure that scars are not formed due to breast reduction.
c. Patients choosing liposuction for breast reduction suffer less physical symptoms like pain in neck, back and shoulder and postural imbalances.
d. This procedure does not lead to any complications.
e. However, it is not effective in lifting sagging breasts.
f. It is ineffective for patients with glandular breasts.
g. Patients should consult a plastic surgeon before going in for the procedure.