mesotherapy.jpg For all those, who failed to shed of their excess fat despite strict diet control and exercise in specific areas like waist, thighs etc, there is a procedure to help. Mesotherapy is a new procedure, that reportedly helps people get rid of the flab with no surgery and no downtime. Dr. Hardesh Garg the first practitioner of mesotherapy in Jacksonville, uses a mix of medications which breaks down fat cells and are then excreted by the body. The medications are injected into the body by numbing the area first with a topical cream and then making dozens of tiny injections.

However, there is a limitation that it is not a way to loose weight. This only works on areas where diet and exercise didn't work. The drawback of Mesotherapy is that some people may experience an allergic reaction to the medications. As per “The American Society of Plastic Surgeons” all the medications used in mesotherapy procedure are not approved by FDA.