mega-liposuction.jpg Mega-liposuction is an advanced medical procedure for those who are extremely obese and when all other weight loss procedures have failed to reduce their excess weight. Mega-liposuction procedure extracts more than 5 liters of fat. The procedure is deemed safe in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon.

Essential guidelines to avoid post-operative complications
a. Before, undergoing Mega-liposuction procedure prospective patients need to undergo a total body scan to identify if they can handle the procedure.
b. Instances where in the fat extracted is more than 5 liters, a preventive preparation of autologous blood transfusion, is recommended.
c. Doctors use a cannula with a 3mm or 4mm dia such that there is minimal blood loss.
d. The cost of the surgery is dependent on the amount of fat to be removed and the time it takes.