mesotherapy-fat-loss-injections.jpg Mesotherapy, or fat loss injections, has become popular with people wishing to lose weight without going under a surgeon's scalpel. Some practitioners have called the procedure a safer alternative to liposuction comes without the risks of general anesthesia. However, some physicians are questioning the safety of these procedures. Clinics and spas have introduced this procedure which is often done without medical supervision. According to reports, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons will fund a clinical trial that will compare injections of phosphatidlycholine and sodium deoxycholate against placebo injections. The results of this trial are likely to be out in a couple of years' time.

Procedure Risks
a. There is no scientific proof that this is a safe procedure.
b. There is no uniform agreement among practitioners regarding the kinds of substances, their concentrations and their combinations that should be injected.
c. The injected substances are not approved by the FDA.
d. The effectiveness of this procedure is subjective.
e. The procedure might clog the organs of the body.
f. It is, at times, done by an assistant rather than by a trained physician.
g. It can cause bleeding, infections and ice burns from the numbing beforehand.
h. Common side effects are allergic reactions, skin ulcerations, scarring and infections.
i. Mild bruising, soreness and itching, that lasts a day or two, and some swelling for about three days are common.